Redesigning the ATM

DBS, the largest bank in South East Asia, was looking to change the design of their ATM+ and BTM+ user interface. Part of a two man team, we covered all the product design needs from research, usability testing, to the interaction and visual design explorations. The designs were developed and rolled out nationwide in the last quarter of 2018.

My Role

User Validation


Customer Experience,
Consumer Banking


To improve the ATM interface by redesigning fundamental elements whilst preparing for future scalability

Glimpse into the Process

Prior research was done before we came onboard. However, to have a holistic understanding of the different transactions within the system, we felt that we needed to go down to the ATM+ and BTM+ machines to experience all the various transactions first hand. These included common transactions such as withdrawal and depositing of money to the more little-known cases such as cash exchange and card-less transactions. In conjunction, we talked to the team who designed the current system to find out more about the challenges and reasoning behind certain implementations.


Additionally, a management decision was made to combine both DBS and POSB existing designs for the ATM; moving towards a 'brand-less' screen state. The screens had to look differentiated enough so that it did not look too similar to either of the two brands. In addition, it should not encroach with other banks visual language.

Studying the various banks visual language

Drawing from other existing platforms within the bank ecosystem and from our study of the major banks in Singapore, we decided to experiment with the different tonal value of greys. Grey connoted a sense of maturity and dependability and was a color that was not used by any of the other banks.


Before rolling out the new system to the public, a group of participants was selected to use, test and provide feedback on the new changes in the ATM+ and BTM+ user interface design. In the hour-long session, participants were provided with a series of tasks (Eg. Withdraw $50 from your POSB Savings Account). Once a task was completed, questions were posed to the participants based on their actions to better understand their thought process. At different points of the task flow, A/B testing was conducted to get a grasp of users' preferences and test the understandability of the screens.

Testing the new ATM+ and BTM+ designs

The Design

One of the major changes was to include an additional screen before the home screen. Though it adds extra time per transaction to the current flow, it allows for simpler navigation between the different transactions. Besides, it allows for future scalability of the system.

We did a full audit of the system and one of the features that was removed was the ability to change the text size. Users were unaware of the feature and this was backed by data collected whereby the feature was access ~0.03% over 12 months period. Though we removed the feature, we recognized the intention and the need for larger font sizes overall which was implemented in the new design.

During the user testing, one of the users pointed out that if it was too grey, users might think that the machine is faulty. Thus, we tweaked the grey to be warmer to make it feel more personal and inviting. Furthermore, we decided to add in a colour highlight which was taken from DBS Treasures.

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